4 Reasons to Choose a Flat Top Trailer with Independent Suspension


Flat top trailers offer the ideal way to haul larger or bulkier items behind your vehicle, but the range of options can make some drivers unsure which type will best fit their needs. One thing drivers often fail to fully consider is whether their new flat top should be fitted with an independent suspension system. These systems allow wheels on the same axle to move up and down independently of each other, and they can make a great addition to a flat top trailer.

28 March 2023

Top Things You'll Want To Know Before You Take Your Vehicle For Dyno Tuning


It might have crossed your mind to take your vehicle to a shop for dyno tuning, but if it's your first time having this done on a vehicle, there might be some things you will want to know. For example, these are the top things you'll want to know before making this appointment. It Can Be Done On Any Type of Vehicle First of all, you should know that dyno tuning can be done on just about any type of gas-powered vehicle.

19 October 2022

A Guide On GVM Upgrades


One of the reasons you would want to buy a new pickup truck is that your current truck struggles to carry heavy loads. The gross vehicle mass (GVM) is the maximum weight that your vehicle can carry on the road. Several factors, including the axles and suspension, are used to determine the weight that a car can carry. If you wish to increase the GVM of your vehicle, you do not need to buy a new truck.

28 December 2021

3 Common Symptoms of a Neglected Hydraulic Tipper


When operating a dump truck, your transportation business greatly relies on a well-functioning hydraulic system and the right accessories to fulfill operations. That said, maintaining equipment on a tipper is a job that is often overlooked, especially when it comes to auxiliary components, leading to problems during operation. You must keep in mind that tipper operations can be a hazardous business. You want to minimise the risk of accidents by ensuring you have roadworthy equipment that operates correctly at all times.

28 October 2021

How to Estimate Roof Rack Weight


You can't put just any roof rack on your car. You have to calculate your weight limits and work to those. What do you need to know before you buy a roof rack? What's Your Car's Roof Weight Limit? Every car has a maximum weight limit that dictates how much weight it can carry on its roof. You need to know this limit before you start planning which roof rack to buy.

29 April 2021

What Are the Different Types of Plant Trailers


There are a number of different types of trailers, some designed to carry general loads, and some designed to carry a specific load, vehicle or type of machinery. Any trailer that is used to transport any type of plant or machinery has to be built to certain standards as specified by the Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB1) and has to be in accord with the regulations of theMotor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

27 October 2020

The Cost of Working with the Wrong Header Bolt


Before buying a header bolt, ensure the product you invest in is worth your money. A wrong thread will lead to the head gasket blowing. Dealing with the head gasket repair is costly and will mean spending several hours in the garage. The best way to deal with this issue is by keeping the situation from taking place. Something as simple as the wrong bolt could blow your gasket. Find out some mistakes to avoid when investing in this product.

24 July 2020